Lori Jo Underhill, B.S. J.D. Education and Experience


Accomplished Professional.  Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Efficiency - Technology, Media, Law, Financial Technology, and Construction.  

C-Level Consultant, Market and Regulatory Analyst.  Author of "Defining the Digital Economy: The Structure of the Digital Economy in Focus" and the UMI-DASH Digital Asset Sector Hierarchy Whitepaper.


C-Level Consultant, Market and Regulatory Analyst.

Principal: Lori Jo Underhill B.S., J.D. is a Digital Economy Analyst, “Digital Economist” Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State University in Tempe, 

Arizona, and Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. 

Author of "Defining the Digital Economy" and the UMI-DASH Digital Asset Sector Hierarchy Whitepaper.

DASH - Digital Asset Sector Hierarchy

DASH Digital Asset Sector Hierarchy Visualized

Chief Methodologies Architect of the DASH Digital Asset Sector Hierarchy™ Fundamental Digital Asset classification and categorization framework and methodologies.

Chief Economist and Digital Economy Analyst.

Chief Architect of the UMI Digital Asset Market Index™ UMI Methodologies.

Author of the Underhill Madsen Organization Methodologies Whitepaper and Chief Analyst of world-wide ecosystems for Digital Assets, Crypto-Currency,  Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, and Decentralized Network Technologies.

Product Innovator and Strategist for the UMI Digital Asset Indices.

Global Speed Index and SpeedFreaks


Sports Technology Platform - The World's Virtual Racetrack for Action Sports. 

 Global Speed Index LLC, a Venice, California based technology company created Global Speed Index, The World’s Virtual Racetrack that unites athletes, gear, and technology on the World’s Virtual Racetrack for action sport competition.  Global Speed Index employs GPS technology on standard Android and iOS smartphone devices, to provide athletes and enthusiasts in action sport pursuits a platform to collect, record, and post data metrics on a world-wide arena for competition 

Uniting Athletes, Gear, and Technology on the World's Virtual Racetrack.

Creator of the "Virtual Contingency" Branding Program.

Creator and EP of SpeedFreaks  - Action Sports Competition Program Media - Uniting Adrenaline, Competition, and Technology - Worldwide.